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December 14, 2011 9:01 am


lol you have issues man

beautiful beautiful issues

9:01 am

Tessa and Shawna’s steamy night

'OMG, it's so cool' Tessa said, walking into her hotel room.

The room only had one bed. And Tessa’s best friend Shawna had not wanted her own room. ‘Yes, it looks great.’ I guess we’re gonna have to sleep in the same bed though.’ Shawna groaned. ‘Yeah, sure’ Tessa muttered.

But as Shawna started to unpack, she boldly stared at Tessa, drool came off her lips. Tessa thought that Shawna was hot, but not worth going lesbian for.

Tessa was in town for an Anime convention, and brought her cosplay sex appeal. While Tessa got her Anime on, Shawna dailyboothed all night, ate bananas, and watched internet porn.

Tessa left for the convention for 6 hours, and came back slightly tipsy.

Shawna didn’t notice Tessa’s drunk appearance, until she gave Shawna a sloppy kiss on the lips. Shawna gave in, and foreplayed for a while, until the panties dropped and Tessa meowed like a kitty in heat.

What went down was so serious, that the bed rocked so hard that it fell of the bed platform. At around 3 AM, the management came and told them to get out because of the massive amount of noise they were making.

The mood died, and then Tessa and Shawna packed up, and went to the next motel, and chilled there until the next morning.

While laying in bed, Tessa wondered:

'Who needs boys anyway?'

November 23, 2010 6:31 pm

Writhing On The Vibe

Hayley G Hoover wanted to be fucked. Hard and loud.

She was with her friend Kayley in the park, and the two were catching up on all the things that mattered; boys, shoes, everything awesome and hair.

"have you seen the new Harry potter film?" said Kayley. "it’s the best one yet!"
“I can’t believe we have to wait until next summer said Hayley with a sad frown.
“winter is such a drag” agreed Kayley.
“I want so many things …” 


"what do you mean?" she said.
“i want to tell you something K” said Hayley right back. “remember that video Hank made about lexical gaps?”
“yeah” said Kayley. “about the opposite of virgin?”
“yeah” said Hayley awkwardly “well, I’m not that.”
Kayley put her hand on Hayley’s hip. “it’s okay” she said.
“but K, how do you deal with it? I have all these urges. How do you deal with it if you don’t have sex?”
“what?” Kayley shocked. “I do have sex!”
“I hooked up with Liane at Leakycon, it was so good”.
“I didn’t know you were into girls.”
Kayley grinned devilishly. “I’m into everything.”
Hayley blushed. Shed never seen this side of her friend before. Kayley turned left, then right, making sure they weren’t gong to be interrupted. Then she pulled out the dildo.
“omg” replied Hayley. “what are you doing?”
“you” said Kayley.
“what’s that thing for?” Hayley asked.
“let me show you.”

Kayley moved her hand from Hayley’s arm and slid down to her waist. Pushing her down, she slid her shirt off her, kissing up her bare skin until her mouth, and their lips met each other’s tongues. “I’ve never been kissed” Hayley whispered.
“mike?” asked Kayley.
“not yet” she said back.
“I wanna get you off” said Kayley before kissing again. Hayley was now naked, and Kayley leaned back to reach for the vibrator.
“what are you doing with that?” Hayley asked with innocent wide blue eyes.
Kayley licked slowly along the length of the vibrator, her eyes locked with Hayley as she did this. When she got to the top she turned on the machine and thrust it inside her.
Hayley gasped as the dildo got busy on her g-spot. Shed never felt anything like it, Kayley knew exactly what she could do. Hayley started writhing on the vibe as she felt herself release. “I’m gonna make you cum” Kayley promised and Hayley obliged, getting so wet as she lost her virginity.

When she finally got her breath back, she saw that Kayley was nude. “I’ve never seen a naked body before” said Hayley “even in gym class”.
Kayley held Hayley’s hands down and moved to her face. “eat my slit.”

It was Hayley’s first time going down on a girl, but her talented tongue got Kayley off twice. After the second time she came with a hoot, turning off the vibrator and lay beside her friend, their skin muddy from the mud.

"why is today awesome?" she said.
“today’s awesome because we had lesbian sex!”

November 18, 2010 7:06 pm

Cloak and Scissors

It was the best party they had ever been to. A house party as well.

Lex Croucher and lightscameraashlee had met a few times but never like this. Drinking through their straws, the music was loud and the bass was penetrating them.

"This is an amazing party."
Lex thought, “I shouldn’t have had that extra drink. Alcohol makes me so horny!”

Ashlee put her jacket in the cloakroom and they sung to Bad Romance:

Ra Ra Ra Raaah, Roma Romamaaa
Gaga, Ohh La La

The girls sang so loud they couldn’t hear anything.

"do you want to go to a quiet corner?" said Ashlee with her drink. "I feel worn out from the singing."
“This is fun!” Lex answered happily. They walked to the entrance of the cloakroom, Lex stumbling as she walked. “you okay?”
“I feel great,” Lex didn’t reveal her urges.

Ashlee’s eyes looked blue like the deepest sea, her hair voluptuous. The dress was from Topshop and had a low cut. When Ashlee bent over to put down her drink, Lex’s eyes glazed over.

"can’t believe you’re not here with your man" said Lex.
“we had an argument,” said Ashlee. “what about yours?”
“He’s out with his mates” she sighed impatiently. Ashlee smiled.
“you look well fit,” said Ashlee. Lex had to hide her blush, as red as her hair. “thanks.”

Was Ashlee coming on to her? Lex hadn’t thought about her like that ever before until now. Suddenly she found herself overcome with desire. Or was she dizzy from the drink?

"I’m going to sit in the cloakroom" said Lex. Ashlee opened the door like a gentlemen and let her in, followed and shut the door behind them.

Sitting down next to the cloaks, Lex looked at Ashlee. “whats it like kissing with the lip piercing on?” she asked. Ashlee smiled ravenously. “kiss me and find out.”

Lex didn’t need saying twice. She grabbed Ashlee and pulled her down on to the waterbed, her mouth devouring hers. “My body is so hot for you” Ashlee told lex as they made out. She felt her hands moving along her side, finding her breasts and massaging them. The lip ring felt amazing, especially when Ashlee nibbled Lex’s lip - she couldn’t spot herself thinking of it in other places.

"Taste me" said Lex. They moved so Lex was underneath, and Ashlee slid her clothes off her. Lex roared with pleasure as she felt Ashlee’s mouth going to work on her, playing with her nipples before she moved between her legs. She had never been with a girl like this but she didn’t want it to end for a pause. It was so spontaneous, not having to worry about condoms or consequences.

Ashlee moved up to Lex’s ear and whispers “I need you to get me off.” lex purred at the thought and wrapped her legs around Ashlee, who moaned as they rocked against each other, both lost in pleasure but neither of them caring. Soon Lex could feel Ashlee getting close and let herself go with her until they both exploded together. They fell in a sweaty sexy heap of skin, gasping for breath.

"maybe we should get back to the party" said Ashlee.
“fuck the party and fuck me” lex insisted with a grin, moving her fingers through Ashlee’s hair as they kissed once more.

November 17, 2010 1:01 pm

Kristina and Lauren had always been great friends. But Lauren wasn’t prepared for what she saw when she walked in.
“what’s wrong?” said Lauren. Kristina wiped away her tears and smiled, locking eyes with her friend.
“it’s nothing” said Kristina/italktosnakes. “I’m just crying.”
“no, tell me” Lauren insisted, sitting down by her side. She put her hand on her back to show comfort. Kristina sniffed.
“Today is three months”, Kristina said with a sad smile. Lauren knew, of course; how could she forget three months ago, today, when both her boyfriend Matt and Kristina’s boyfriend Luke broke up with them at the same time?
“Try not to think about it” said Lauren. Kristina shook her head. “I’m just beeing silly.”

Lauren reached out to Keistina and wiped away one of her tears on her face. She left her hand there for a moment, and then even longer. “thanks” said she. It felt so good to be touched again, even by someone she knew would only ever be a friend…

"is there anything I can do?"

Kristina looked at Lauren. Their eyes met for so long, time stopped. “I miss kissing” Kristina said. “know what I mean?”
“I know” said Lauren. She rested one hand on Kristina’s knee and squeezed her in a reassuring . She leaned in to her.

"what?" said Keistina.
“trust me” said Lauren. “I wanna learn what your lips are like.” she smiled.

Their kiss was surprising, but felt so right. Kristina let herself be taken by Lauren, letting her arms snake around her as they pressed against each other. Soon they were naked, their skin getting hot as they gasped and moaned. Lauren knew what she was doing as Kristina went over the edge, then took Lauren to orgasm with her.

"that was so awesome" said Kristina.
“yeah”! Said Lauren. ”Boys have the worst!”